Let’s Make An Album Together!

We can’t believe it has been 20 years since “Birth” was released! We are so blessed to have had such a longstanding, loyal fan base and to have shared music with audiences all over the world since our launch in 1997. We want to say thank you with an album to commemorate the past 20 years of our music. We will record fresh takes of Barry & Michelle classics and release some new songs as well.

In 1997, we released our first album, “Birth,” in conjunction with the birth of our first child, Russell. It was the launch of our music career, our ministry, and our little family. Because of the stunningly warm reception for “Birth,” we became connected with so many amazing people. Twenty years, eight albums and four babies later, the same folks who encouraged us at that beginning are cheering us on today. We still have fans come to shows asking for songs from way back in our archives. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to make music for this long, and it is all because of our fans, friends, and supporters. To every person who has bought a cd (or tape!), sung one of our songs in church, passed around one of our chord charts, showed up to a concert, hosted a house show, downloaded an mp3, told their friends about us and supported us in any way…we want to say thank you.

We want to record an album that will mean something really special to our outstanding fan base. We want to re-record your favorites (polls are coming) and fill your ears with a few new Barry & Michelle sounds. We want you to remember what a song meant to you and experience it all over again. We want to say thank you by paying homage to songs that you have loved for years. We want to give them to you again, to fold into the days you are living now.



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One Week ‘Til We’re In The South!


Our stuff is in the trailer, our suitcases our packed, our dog is vaccinated and we are ready to rumble! We will do one last service with our awesome congregation on Sunday, where we will “pass the baton” to Adam and Natalie Stodolka, the new worship leaders. After that, we will grab lunch with Michelle’s folks and hit the road! We will stop in Colorado to meet our nephew and squeeze our family, park our equipment trailer full of stuff in Woodland Park, situate Dolly and hug some necks. THEN – we are off to the great state of Texas (with a side trip to Oklahoma) for a fantastic list of dates, even some with our son, Russell! Texans (and Oklahomans) we are so excited to see you! Check out this list of dates so you know where to find us. Come on out and give us a high sign online so we know to look for ya! Here is the complete list of dates.
Barry and Michelle Patterson Tour Dates

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We’re Doing What?!! Living In An RV For A Year?!???

Big news on the Patterson front! We are making some radical changes to be able to do what we want to do. We are also joining the vlogging world so that you can follow us on our epic adventure.  Here is Vlog #1 so you can hear about our plans firsthand. Follow and subscribe to our vlog on youtube here.  We hope to see you soon! Let us know if you would like to book us during our mobile year!

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Barry Is Legal!

We are so pleased to announce that Barry can legally play music in Canada! Wooohooooo!  We have been here for three and half years and he now has an open work visa. We are now free to musically galavant about Canada!  We played our first hometown show in November in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and it was a really special night for us. Our community came out in force and we were blown away. Ivy played a set of her own music and Elliott & Sam performed throughout the night as well.  Our friend, Jessica Crane, came out to play viola and took songs like Doublewide and Recession Song right where they wanted to go. We were able to capture a few moments from that night to share with you. Thank you Rocky, for your warmth and kindness at a great first official Canadian show. Thanks to Willi Whiston for capturing these moments and to our all of our tribe who helped us set up, make it beautiful and tear it all down again. 

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Barry and Michelle’s Very First Christmas EP Ever!

square ep wdetail

Merry Christmas! We are releasing a 4 song, acoustic EP on Noisetrade for 24 hours only on Christmas Day 2015. “Only Son” is an original ballad to honor God’s infinite wisdom in sending His son the unexpected way that He did. “Phoenix” is an original tribute to all of our friends who are facing their first Christmas without someone they love and it is full of secret messages to those it is written for. We have also covered R. Fischer Boyce’s “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” and Frank Loesser’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, complete with witty banter, per facebook’s request. We will release a fully produced version of this EP on a Christmas to come.

All of the proceeds from this project will go to Hope4Iraq , a division of the Global Hope Organization. Global Hope is establishing a refugee and food distribution center for women and children. Families, fleeing ISIS jihadist militants in Iraq, have abandoned their homes and all their belongings in search of safety. Your generous gifts will be used to supply the following items for women and children escaping violence.

Food and water

Baby items

Medical care

Hygiene products

We are excited to create music that will give back to an organization whose work we believe in. Merry Christmas!


Barry & Michelle

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US 2015 Patty Tour!

It is one week until we hit the road on our epic, 9 week journey through the US. You can catch us if you live in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky or Ohio! We are rehearsing, pre-packing and vacuuming out the car. This is serious. Come on out and find us!


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WE ARE 20!!

That’s right, we are 20. As of this date, we have been married for 20 years. We have been doing music together for a tad bit longer than that, but we weren’t official until this date in 1994. Six albums, four kids and two bassett hounds later, we are still kicking around. Marriage is way harder and sweeter than we ever imagined and so is our life as a musical duo. We know so many marriages (or musical duos, for that matter) never last this long and we feel kind of stunned and grateful. As a way of spreading our glee that we have made it to 20, we are giving away our Sun Comes Up Tomorrow album for free, all day long today! Please pass this link onto your friends, as a gift from us. Here’s to 20 years of life, love and music! Cheers!

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Recession Song

One of the best parts of the making of our recently released, “Sun Comes Up Tomorrow” was the process of recording a live pub choir at Trinity Hall in Dallas, Texas. This song is an anthem of defiant hope in the middle of hard times. It just neeeeeeded a mug-clinking crowd to sing along! We posted a rough cut of the song and some words on Facebook and invited everyone we could think of to come on out to Trinity Hall. The secret congregants loaded in right on time and the party started. The owner, Marius, took amazing care of our motley crew. The night was heartwarming and we won’t forget it. In hard times, camaraderie is forged between unlikely friends as evidenced by this beautiful night.

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We Are Changing The Name Of Our Albummmmmm!

Have you ever heard of what's called a "working title"? In the creative process, a working title is defined this way: "A working title, sometimes called a production title, is the temporary name of a product or project used during its development, usually used in filmmaking, television production, novel, video game, or music album."

In the case of "Catfish Sandwich" we have run into what is turning out to be a SURPRISE working title.  As the process has hummed along, a new theme has emerged that trumps our Kickstarter theme and retires the Catfish to working title status.

"Sun Comes Up Tomorrow" is a line from Recession Song, which has risen to the top as one of the best songs on the project. Recording the song was a fantastic process that highlighted a Kickstarter studio pub choir and finished off with a Facebook generated pub choir at Trinity Hall in Dallas.  That night, as we looked around at the beautiful, motley crew of folks that came out to raise their mugs and belt a hopeful song, we felt a shift in focus setting in.  There is a thread of hope running through every song on this album and hope is what we want the listener to be left holding. So, "Sun Comes Up Tomorrow" it is. 

To us, the term "Catfish Sandwich" will always symbolize our entry and re-entry into a crazy, risky, fulfilling life as songwriters and musicians.  It's a code phrase of ours that you now know and get.  It's on a t-shirt that will be a Kickstarter exclusive collector's item!









Thank you for all you have done to make the sun come up tomorrow, 

Barry & Michelle

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Pattys Are Doing An Event In Garland With Bethany Dillon!

We have the distinct privilege, along with Crystal Yates, of opening for Bethany Dillon in Garland in a couple of weeks!  Get your tickets ahead of time and save, and for Barry & Michelle fans, an even better deal!  If you put in the promotional code "Michelle" that you can get the tickets for only $12.00 that's $3.00 off!!!  http://bethanydillongarland.eventbrite.com/

Saturday, March 23rd
Plaza Theatre | 521 West State Street, Garland, TX 75040

Start Time: 7:00 pm

Doors Open: 6:30 pm

Advanced Tickets: $15  

At The door (if available): $20


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