Beth Rohman Is Cooking Up Some Fiiiiiine Catfish Art


If you ever got a chance to look at our Kickstarter for Catfish Sandwich (Kickstarter is a fundraising website for ventures of all kinds) you may have seen the "Beth Rohman Special" which was a reward level for donors where they could receive a piece of art inspired by the music of Catfish Sandwich.  As we have been in the middle of the recording process, she has been deep in her own process, generating art as she listens to scratch versions of what we are recording.

Beth is a modern day Renaissance woman, singing, painting, cooking, drawing, birthing babies, growing gardens in dirt and people. You can even hear her sing a spontaneous song on our "Odds and Ends" recording.  This lady is the real deal.  She and her husband Paul, and babies Clive, Jack and Eleanor (did we mention they are all 3 and under?) are family to us and we are ecstatic she has taken on our project.

Every few days we get a text from her with a picture of whatever Catfish painting she is working on at that moment.  It is fascinating to us to see what is coming out of her in this season, we have been moved by every single piece.  We know it takes a village to free a mom of three kids under three to be able to create and we are so thankful to our family in Wooland Park, Colorado for how they are making this possible for her and us. Thanks, guys!

We will keep you in the loop on Beth's process.  Keep an eye on to get peeks at the Catfish Kickstarter art.

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