WE ARE 20!!

That’s right, we are 20. As of this date, we have been married for 20 years. We have been doing music together for a tad bit longer than that, but we weren’t official until this date in 1994. Six albums, four kids and two bassett hounds later, we are still kicking around. Marriage is way harder and sweeter than we ever imagined and so is our life as a musical duo. We know so many marriages (or musical duos, for that matter) never last this long and we feel kind of stunned and grateful. As a way of spreading our glee that we have made it to 20, we are giving away our Sun Comes Up Tomorrow album for free, all day long today! Please pass this link onto your friends, as a gift from us. Here’s to 20 years of life, love and music! Cheers!

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