Barry Is Legal!

We are so pleased to announce that Barry can legally play music in Canada! Wooohooooo!  We have been here for three and half years and he now has an open work visa. We are now free to musically galavant about Canada!  We played our first hometown show in November in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and it was a really special night for us. Our community came out in force and we were blown away. Ivy played a set of her own music and Elliott & Sam performed throughout the night as well.  Our friend, Jessica Crane, came out to play viola and took songs like Doublewide and Recession Song right where they wanted to go. We were able to capture a few moments from that night to share with you. Thank you Rocky, for your warmth and kindness at a great first official Canadian show. Thanks to Willi Whiston for capturing these moments and to our all of our tribe who helped us set up, make it beautiful and tear it all down again. 

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