One Week ‘Til We’re In The South!


Our stuff is in the trailer, our suitcases our packed, our dog is vaccinated and we are ready to rumble! We will do one last service with our awesome congregation on Sunday, where we will “pass the baton” to Adam and Natalie Stodolka, the new worship leaders. After that, we will grab lunch with Michelle’s folks and hit the road! We will stop in Colorado to meet our nephew and squeeze our family, park our equipment trailer full of stuff in Woodland Park, situate Dolly and hug some necks. THEN – we are off to the great state of Texas (with a side trip to Oklahoma) for a fantastic list of dates, even some with our son, Russell! Texans (and Oklahomans) we are so excited to see you! Check out this list of dates so you know where to find us. Come on out and give us a high sign online so we know to look for ya! Here is the complete list of dates.
Barry and Michelle Patterson Tour Dates

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