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One Week ‘Til We’re In The South!

  Our stuff is in the trailer, our suitcases our packed, our dog is vaccinated and we are ready to rumble! We will do one last service with our awesome congregation on Sunday, where we will “pass the baton” to … Continue Reading

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We’re Doing What?!! Living In An RV For A Year?!???

Big news on the Patterson front! We are making some radical changes to be able to do what we want to do. We are also joining the vlogging world so that you can follow us on our epic adventure.  Here … Continue Reading

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Barry Is Legal!

We are so pleased to announce that Barry can legally play music in Canada! Wooohooooo!  We have been here for three and half years and he now has an open work visa. We are now free to musically galavant about … Continue Reading

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Barry and Michelle’s Very First Christmas EP Ever!

Merry Christmas! We are releasing a 4 song, acoustic EP on Noisetrade for 24 hours only on Christmas Day 2015. “Only Son” is an original ballad to honor God’s infinite wisdom in sending His son the unexpected way that He did. … Continue Reading

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US 2015 Patty Tour!

It is one week until we hit the road on our epic, 9 week journey through the US. You can catch us if you live in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky or Ohio! We are rehearsing, pre-packing and … Continue Reading

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WE ARE 20!!

That’s right, we are 20. As of this date, we have been married for 20 years. We have been doing music together for a tad bit longer than that, but we weren’t official until this date in 1994. Six albums, … Continue Reading

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Recession Song

One of the best parts of the making of our recently released, “Sun Comes Up Tomorrow” was the process of recording a live pub choir at Trinity Hall in Dallas, Texas. This song is an anthem of defiant hope in … Continue Reading

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We Are Changing The Name Of Our Albummmmmm!

Have you ever heard of what's called a "working title"? In the creative process, a working title is defined this way: "A working title, sometimes called a production title, is the temporary name of a product or project used during its … Continue Reading

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Pattys Are Doing An Event In Garland With Bethany Dillon!

We have the distinct privilege, along with Crystal Yates, of opening for Bethany Dillon in Garland in a couple of weeks!  Get your tickets ahead of time and save, and for Barry & Michelle fans, an even better deal!  If … Continue Reading

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Beth Rohman Is Cooking Up Some Fiiiiiine Catfish Art

"DOUBLEWIDE" If you ever got a chance to look at our Kickstarter for Catfish Sandwich (Kickstarter is a fundraising website for ventures of all kinds) you may have seen the "Beth Rohman Special" which was a reward level for donors … Continue Reading

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